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Why Communication is Vital for Transporting Cargo

Communication is key in all aspects of life; however, it is essential when transporting cargo in the trucking industry. Without implementing effective communication practices, it can easily become a tangled web. The last thing we want is for the transportation process to become unreliable, inefficient, and unpredictable. As you read this article, you will discover how vital communication is when transporting your commodities.

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Communication is the Key

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If you’re familiar with the trucking and transportation industry, there are multiple parts that are always moving—like an assembly line—and if one piece were to fall out of place or malfunction, then the entire operation shuts down. During the transportation process, dispatchers monitor drivers, manage their time, and schedule loads. If communication is out of line at all during any step of the process, shipments can be delayed, and customer satisfaction will dwindle. Additional reasons that depend on communication include:

Ensuring a smooth operation: Whether it’s with drivers or employees, communication on all fronts should always be clear and concise. When everyone is on the same page, operations will run cohesively.

Resolving issues quicker: Like any business, problems will, at some point, come up. When that happens, maintaining effective communication will enable teams to work together and reach a common goal.

Enhancing the customer experience: When a customer understands and is updated during each step of the transportation process, the likelihood of them bringing repeat business is much higher than if the customer remained unaware of what was happening behind the scenes.

Achieving and/or exceeding expectations: You always want to strive to achieve every expectation. However, leveraging exceptional communication will help you and your team exceed goals and objectives every step of the way.

Maintaining a positive reputation: This goes without saying; if you exceed expectations and improve the customer experience, you will maintain a positive reputation.

Communicate Every Step

It doesn’t matter which step of the transportation process you’d be in—we communicate with you every step of the way.

Pickup: The details received at pickup are critical, so be sure to communicate as many details to your transportation provider as possible to ensure that every load detail is listed on the paperwork provided and in their system.

Delays: Realistically, delays do and will happen. However, communication is what will separate a reliable transportation provider from an unreliable one

HOS Updates: There are times when drivers run out of hours caught by the DOT at weight scales. When this happens, the driver may be put out of service. If that happens, HOS updates need to be communicated immediately to the transportation provider so they can calculate the miles and assess if the delivery is still feasible

Claims: If a claim occurs during the transport process, it can sometimes take up to weeks and months to fully resolve. Always be available to your transportation provider to ensure that any third-party provider can be answered in a timely manner.

Why Updates Are Vital

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Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you purchased a service but never received any form of communication in terms of delivery date, update, or issue? From a customer’s perspective, receiving updates during the transportation process from drivers brings them a sense of comfort and security and helps enhance their buyer experience. You want to target a domino effect of positives: exceed expectations, improve the customer experience, and boost your reputation. If a customer has a negative experience, it can directly affect the carrier’s reputation and prevent future business opportunities from coming their way.

Timely Route Updates- From Us to You!

When you choose Lone Star Logistics as your transportation provider, you are guaranteed to receive exceptional communication from beginning to end. By receiving timely route updates, our team continuously monitors your freight through carrier tracking technology and routinely communicates with carriers to resolve any issues and ensure your package arrives on time, every time. Once it is nearing the time of delivery, we notify you via your preferred communication method, so you’re ready and aware ahead of time.

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