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April 16, 2024 / by Lone Star Logistics

How to Prevent Cargo Theft and Freight Scams in the Trucking & Logistics Industry

Cargo theft and freight fraud are on the rise into 2024. Is your business working with a logistics company that utilizes advanced supply chain fraud strategies?  With continuously modernized technology like AI and organized criminal networks,...

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March 29, 2024 / by Lone Star Logistics

24/7 Customer Service in Logistics Management: Why Prioritizing Support is Vital

24/7 customer service in logistics is more than solving their problems. It’s about efficient logistics management. Providing round-the-clock support is vital for logistics companies and their customers’ bottom line.  Businesses rely on logistics...

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February 27, 2024 / by Lone Star Logistics

Safe Freight is a Priority: How to Ensure Road Safety While Transporting Freight 

Ensuring you have safe freight while in transit is crucial to prevent a wide range of road safety hazards. From hazardous material spills to fleet accidents and cargo theft, finding qualified freight carriers that prioritize safety helps ensure your...

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January 26, 2024 / by Lone Star Logistics

Cargo Insurance: What It Is & Why It’s Necessary

Did you know that full truckload thefts have increased by 25% since 2020? Despite this, 60% to 90% of cargo remains uninsured or underinsured. Now more than ever, cargo insurance is crucial to protect your commodities and prevent your business from paying...

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January 4, 2024 / by Lone Star Logistics

Understanding Rail Freight Transport: Train Types, Loads, and Shipping Options

Did you know there are different types of rail freight transport? Whether you’re shipping heavy equipment or bulk goods, it’s crucial to pick the rail freight mode to protect your commodities. Not all freight train types are equipped to handle specialized...

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November 22, 2023 / by Lone Star Logistics

Specialized Freight Carriers: Does Your Cargo Need Specialty Transport?

Does your business ship high-value or unique commodities? Then you should be utilizing specialized freight carriers. Transporting goods, like refrigerated foods or wide loads, requires specialty shipping to protect their integrity and your investments....

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October 27, 2023 / by Lone Star Logistics

Choose the Right Freight Service for Heavy Equipment Transportation

When searching for heavy equipment transportation, it’s critical to choose the right freight shipping option to ensure your commodities are protected and hauled safely. Heavy-material cargo can become damaged by weather elements, or you could pay more than...

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October 2, 2023 / by Lone Star Logistics

Quote Requests: What Information is Necessary and How to Know if You’re Getting a Fair Rate

Freight quotes. Why are they important and why do they matter if you have LTL or FTL freights? Believe it or not, it happens more frequently than you may think. Knowing customer-specific rates is important for your bottom line. Let’s discover what’s needed...

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August 22, 2023 / by Lone Star Logistics

Temperature-Controlled Transportation-What You Need to Know

When you pay someone to transport your goods, it’s important to ensure they make the proper steps to ensure they are not damaged or spoiled during transport. For products that are labeled as perishable goods, they may require a temperature-controlled...

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