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Meet Our Amazing Team

In the dynamic realm of logistics, the significance of a strong and cohesive team cannot be overstated, especially within a family-owned and operated company like ours. 

We firmly believe that our team is the heartbeat of our success, working harmoniously to ensure the seamless flow of goods and services. With a strong professional bond at our core, our team is not just a workforce but a team united by shared values and goals. This unity fuels our commitment to going above and beyond for our clients, where trust, reliability, and a personal touch converge to create a logistics experience like no other.

Will Baker

Co-Founder/ Freight Broker

William moved to Chicago from Austin, Texas in 2017. He received a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas at Austin and then earned a law degree from Loyola University Chicago. As a member of the Illinois State Bar, his background as an attorney is instrumental in managing a freight brokerage and ensuring regulatory compliance as a logistics service provider and business owner.

William has been a freight broker since 2021 when he co-founded Lone Star Logistics with Leticia. He has been passionate about all things transportation since early childhood. If it has wheels, wings, or a rudder, he’s all about it! 

Leticia "Lety" Bustos

Co-Founder/ Operations Manager

Lety is a serial entrepreneur who started her first business in 2003, growing her tax and bookkeeping business to over 6,000 clients in less than 10 years! She also served as a consultant for construction firms beginning in 2008, and served as an interpreter for the courts of Oklahoma and assistant to family, criminal and immigration attorneys between 2003-2020 prior to entering the logistics industry. 

Lety brings a lot of entrepreneurial know-how and management skills to the Lone Star team!

Federico Olmos

Carrier Sales Representative

Sara Sorse

Account Executive

Jenevieve Jesuro

Executive Assistant


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