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Tips to Become an Independent Freight Agent

Jumping down a new career path can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. Thoughts of doubt and concern with questions such as, “Will I be a good fit?” begin to circulate, then you may end up not taking the leap at all. Here’s some good news— becoming a Freight Agent is possible! This article will cover what a career as a Freight Agent entails, and all the other details that would help you break into this new career path!

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What is a Freight Agent?

A little description, a Freight Agent is someone who connects carriers and shippers to transport freight from one place to another- just like Freight Brokers. The major difference is that Freight Agents serve as independent contractors who partner directly with freight companies or Brokers, to liaise with customers. In other words, they actively find jobs for truck drivers as well as truck drivers for shipments.  

A Typical Freight Agent Salary

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Are you looking to dive into a new career as a Freight Agent? In terms of looking at compensation, Freight Agent salaries can vary between hourly, annual, or commission-based pay. If the pay is commission-based, it is tied to the amount of money that the Freight Agent brings in for the Freight Broker. The average salary ranges around $58,000 nationwide. If the commission is applied, possibilities are unlimited. Positively, Freight Agents who are not as experienced can potentially earn upwards of six figures with commissions along with many opportunities for advancement.

How to Become a Freight Agent

Do you want to pursue an exciting new career as a Freight Agent? There are multiple opportunities to succeed. Here are the key skills that hiring managers look for when hiring a new Freight Agent:

  • Exceptional communication, both written and verbal, with an ability to collaborate efficiently with others.
  • Superior organizational skills with the ability to keep track of ever-changing priorities.
  • Excellent time management capabilities, ensuring that all tasks are completed on time and on budget without lacking on quality.
  • A team player and leader who takes initiative when there is an issue, as well as remains proactive to stay ahead of the game.
  • Someone who demonstrates a strong interest in and passion for the transportation logistics industry.
  • A seamless ability to vet freight companies, partners, and employees as needed.

**Please note that there is no requirement to have former experience as a Freight Agent to be considered. However, having prior industry knowledge can help launch your career faster.

Additional Freight Agent Tips

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Before you begin your job search and click ‘apply’, here are some other tips and tricks to become a successful independent Freight Agent.

  • Networking is essential! Building strong, stable industry connections can help accelerate the job hunting and onboarding process.
  • Look into obtaining all the proper licensing, bonds, and insurance ahead of time to show initiative to hiring managers.
  • Develop positive relationships with a parent company (Freight Brokers) which will have additional extensive networks of carriers, insurance agents, credits, invoices, collections, and claims facilitations.

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As you can see, launching a new career as a Freight Agent is possible! Lone Star Logistics currently has job openings available for anyone who is interested in becoming a Freight Agent—no previous experience is required! If you have a passion for the transportation logistics industry, are a team player, and have the drive to succeed, apply today!

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